Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Shirts

The first photo is one that Nathan wanted me to take of him. He usually hates his picture being taken, but this one he asked for it to be taken.

The other photos are of the kids new shirts that dad got for them off the Target clearance rack. Annie loves her puppy shirt, it says "Playful Pups". Nathan's is a baseball shirt. He originally wanted one that said "Ladies Man" or something similar, so I made him choose another. He was tired when I took the picture so that is why he looks the way he does, he is trying to cover up his shirt with his sunglasses.

Playing together

The first photo was from yesterday when I brought the car seats in, and the kids thought they had their own personal living room chair.
The table photos are of the kids eating their pretend food together. Stef said they kept it up for awhile. 
Nathan loves his new Handy Manny toolset and whenever it comes on TV he pulls it out and plays along.
The last photo is just the kids playing around in their diapers, they kind of like it.


Nathan is starting to like going down the slides head first, (just the little slides).


These photos are from last week at the park. We had a picnic and then played around on the playground.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kitty Cat

There is a little cat that comes up to our sliding door almost every day, and the kids love him. Stef took these pictures during the day when I was not home (I do not allow the cat on our porch). 
The cat came again tonight and after I let the kids look at him for awhile I went and got the squirt gun to shoot him away. Stef quickly told Nathan to tell me to "don't do that", thinking that I would listen to him. So I was about to open the door and shoot him when Nathan starts yelling "Dad, don't do that. Don't do that dad!" He was yelling and pointing at me and almost in tears. I was about to put the gun away when he said "Dad don't do that, Nathan shoot the gun."
So I gave him the gun and opened the door and he shot the cat right between the eyes. Now he is obsessed with shooting the cat.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nathan fixing the chair with dad

Nathan helped me fix the chair with his new Handy Manny toolset that he got for his birthday. He is very good at helping and very good with tools. He also likes to tell me what needs being fixed. 

Monday, March 9, 2009

Hidden Valley Park

We went to the Hidden Valley Park and the kids loved having races with each other down the slides. By this time Nathan had recovered from his lack of sleep and had a really good time.

Birthday Cake

Nathan was very excited about his birthday cake. That is one thing that he was really anticipating. We made him a cars cake. It looked a lot better in person. 

More Presents

Nathan loved playing with all of his new toys. He had so many to play with that it was sort of distracting for him. He loves his new Handy Manny toolset as you can see. He loves to fix random things in the house now.


Nathan had a fun time opening all of his presents. He was excited about the first two presents that I got him but when he saw his DJ car he was very excited.

Pirate Island Pizza

We went to Pirate Island Pizza for Nathan's birthday dinner. At this point he was running on fumes. He hardly ate anything and would freak out about getting his picture taken.
He did enjoy playing with Annie Grace on the toddler playground they have there. The arcade was packed and he was not able to play any games.

Fun at the park

After flying kites the kids wanted to play at the park for a little bit. 

Kite Flying

After Hiking we went to the park and flew kites. Nathan did a very good job flying his Lightning McQueen kite, despite the lack of strong wind. Annie just liked to grab the tails of the kites.