Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Annie's kite accident

I took the kids to the park to fly kites today and Annie had a little accident with the kite. As Nathan was flying the kite it lost control and the string clothes-lined  Annie right in the face and the wrapped around her. It gave her this nasty burn mark across her face. The pictures don't do it justice, it looks a lot worse in person. She kind of looks like an Apache indian.  

Fun with Walter

The kids love Uncle J's new puppy dog Walter. Nathan loved running around with him. He wants a picture of Walter in his room. The picture with Annie with the tennis ball on her face is her saying cheese.

Cabin Photos

Here are some of the photos we took of the kids at the cabin. It was raining most of the time so we had to spend a lot of time inside. Although, we did see the moose.

This is how we had to give the kids their baths, because they will not take showers at the cabin.