Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nathan's artwork

Nathan drew this picture of bat all by himself outside with chalk yesterday. I especially like the eyes and mouth that he gave it.
He also took this picture of Annie all by himself too.

New Noah Photos

I wsa tring to get some new photos of Noah smiling, this is best I could get.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

We found a desert tortoise

After hiking in the red cliff desert reserve for three years now about 2-3x/week, we finally found a desert tortoise. It was fairly small about the size of Nathan's fist, I don't know if it was full grown or not. The kids loved playing with him. Annie tried feeding him some flowers. They especially liked touching his shell and watching hide inside it. We also found some old animal bones, looks like a big squirrel mandible.   -A

Playing at the black bridge

The kids, especially Nathan love playing at the "black bridge" which is just down the trail from us. We go there about once a day now and just play by the stream, catching frogs and butterflies, chasing ducks, and making boats.  -A

Big Noah's rice cereal

Stef gave Big Noah some rice cereal for the first time and as you can see by his smile he loved it.

Annie's new bed

Pot Pots got her new big girl bed and is sleeping in it very well. We even got to read our good night story in her bed.

Easter Egg Hunt

just finally getting around to putting up the Easter egg hunt photos. Big Noah was really happy to get an egg as you can see.