Saturday, August 8, 2009

Annie's B-day Part 3

This is the awesome Mickey Mouse cake that Stef and I made. It really was not that difficult. Annie was way excited for her cake and song, and after instructing Nathan all day that Annie gets to blow  out the candles he did it anyway. The third picture is right after he did that. She did really care.

Annie's B-day Part 2

We gave Annie a Little Einsteins Rocket that she loves (so does brother). She loves to pat-pat with rocket. That's how you make Rocket take off in case you haven't watched the show.

Annie's B-day Part 1

Here are some photos of Annie opening up her presents. Sorry the first ones out of focus, but It shows how excited she was to get her dress-up shoes. 

Swim Lessons

Nathan finished up his swim lessons on Thursday. He loved going to them and did very well (most of the time). This was the only day they let us take pictures and they just let the kids goof off. So I don't have any instructional photos. The first picture is right at the end when Nathan got his completion certificate and a popsicle. He was way excited.

Bird House

I helped the kids make birdhouses awhile ago and I am just getting around to post the photos. They loved help painting the houses and made a complete mess. Nathan actually did okay, Annie just painted her hands most of the time.