Monday, June 7, 2010

Hot Weather

It was very hot today, I think it got to around 107 degrees. So I got the pool and sprinkler out for the kids and they had lots of fun playing it. Annie looked really stylish in her grandma sunglasses. And Big Noah was looking to cause some trouble in his cool dude glasses. Nathan had fun running around, he was racing our ten-year old neighbor girl and winning.


Washing My Car

I took these photos a month or so ago and forgot to post them. I showed the kids how to wash my car, I supervised of course. It was kind of like the guy on that new Toyota Sienna commercial.
Watch here:

Big Noah

Here are some pics of Big Noah trying to sit up in a chair by himself. He is getting a little stronger.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy 7th!

Seven years ago today Adam and I were married! Wow, I can't believe seven years have really gone by since then! Within those seven years Adam has graduated from school, we've moved to St. George, bought a house, and had three kids! Our lives are CRAZY with work, kids, the kid's activities, training for races and just trying to enjoy the ride! I thought this picture was fitting in describing us as a couple (Honestly, this is the only picture of the both of us together that's recent, we were just goofing around with the computer) we're a little bit whacky, but we really mesh well together and over the last seven years we've become part of each other! So Happy Anniversary my better half and Sweetheart! I love you so much Adam and always will!